Olive Harvest Day – Russell Chapel on the Olive Grove

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.17.08 amHarvest Day Russell Chapel On The Olive GroveHarvest time Chaepl On The Olive Grove

On a partly cloudy day in May a team of twenty local friends gathered at our Russell Chapel on the Olive Grove at Uruti Bay for our annual olive picking day.

Olive Harvest Russell Chapel On The Olive GroveEnthusiastic pickers turned up eagerly awaiting instructions,  rearing to go.  Music oozed from the speakers in the chapel, wafting out and drifting up the hill as we all busied ourselves.  Everyone was focussing on stripping the trees of the yellowy green black olives.

It was a successful harvest culminating at dusk with a barbeque of scrumptious locally-made sausages and fresh salads, all washed down with our delicious Bay of Islands wines.

A wonderful day and as the sun went down we all toasted ourselves -acknowledging the fact that now in Russell in the Bay of Islands, we can produce stunning olive oil, beautiful wines and live in paradise.

Obviously everyone loves olive trees…..

KEIRA Knightley burst into fits of giggles when her new husband presented her with a £3,000 olive tree following their nuptials.

James Righton bought Keira Knightley a £3,000 olive tree for a wedding gift.
James Righton, 29, bought the 100-year-old tree as a wedding present for his new bride and even had their initials and date of the wedding carved into it.  As reported in The Sun,  “James had it planted in the back garden of her home in France on the day of the wedding,” a source said. “He had carved their initials in a heart and showed her in front of everyone. She collapsed into fits of giggles, it was very sweet.”

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