Concert at Russell Chapel On The Olive Grove

chapel on the olive grove concertConcert at Russell Chapel on the Olive Grove

It was a magical evening with Graham Wardrop and Suzanne Lynch –
at Russell Chapel On The Olive Grove

“In November 2012 I watched in wonder as Jo and Ross purchased an unused little chapel from it’s site in Kawakawa and floated it across the water on the car ferry to its new home on their Olive Grove in Uruti Bay, Russell.
Now their vision has been realised and lucky friends like me are invited to all sorts of occasions- carol singing on Christmas Eve, mid winter feasts and a fabulous concert with Graham Wardrop and Suzanne Lynch.
The creative lighting, special atmosphere and intimacy  made for a magical evening. Can’t wait for the next event!!!”
Jenny … Russell, Bay of Islands

From Kawakawa to Uruti Bay, Russell


On November 12th 2012 we woke at dawn anxious to get started on our new venture; transporting the St Francis Xavier Catholic church on the back of a house-moving truck to its new home on our Olive Grove at Uruti Bay, Russell, in the stunning Bay of Islands.

This little chapel will celebrate its one hundred and forty one year anniversary this year. It was built by miners who came from Ireland in the 1860s to mine the coal in Kawakawa- known originally as Irish town.

To enable the chapel to pass freely along the roads under the power lines to the Opua car ferry the roof had to be removed and transported separately from the main body of the chapel. We had a few anxious moments watching as huge saws sliced through the ancient kauri timbers. Then it was onto the truck and a 15 minute drive to the car ferry to sail across the Waikare inlet towards its new home and life as the Russell Chapel on the Olive Grove in the Bay of Islands.

We invited Father Damian from Okaihau to deconsecrate and welcome the little chapel to its new home. Many Russell residents came to help us celebrate its new future.….

Follow us as we make new memories and reveal more of past wedding ceremonies, live concerts, mid winter feasts, carol singing, olive picking and more……


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